The Institute for Supervisory Excellence is a competency-based program designed to support supervisors in managing day-to-day responsibilities and in leading others. While completing the program, participants will build upon existing skills and gain new tools and approaches. Whether you are looking to sharpen your management technique or get a better understanding of how to operate at IUPUI, this series will provide you with skills and attributes needed for success.


The Institute for Supervisory Excellence is designed for any IUPUI faculty or staff in a supervisory role who is interested in advancing their leadership skills.


Supervisors experience a variety of challenging situations, as well as many opportunities to encourage, develop and recognize individuals. The Institute for Supervisory Excellence will enable supervisors to embrace these daily occurrences with resourcefulness and confidence. As research shows, supervisors are vital in any organization’s ability to achieve results through its greatest asset, people. In addition to personal and professional development, this program is designed to help the university achieve its goals and mission.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants should have increased effectiveness in the following competencies: accurate self-awareness, leading change, managing conflict, managing performance, providing timely and effective communication, managing and building relationships, demonstrating care for others, creating an inclusive environment and responding resourcefully to situations.

There is no cost to selected individuals or their respective department.


Each cohort starts in February and applications are accepted in the fall for the next cohort. The courses take place approximately once a month and are generally three hours in length; the entire series involves eleven sessions. For a full list of courses, please see the Curriculum.

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