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Not finding a workshop currently available that meets your needs?

HRA Training and Organization Development can develop the appropriate training program tailored to your specific needs. To discuss your training needs, please contact

Training and Organization Development @ IUPUI

Fundamentals of Supervision (FOS) Series

HRA's Fundamentals of Supervision (FOS) Series is an intensive 36-hour training series that emphasizes practical application and includes discussions, group exercises, and other activities designed to encourage participation. Topics include feedback, coaching, motivation, conflict management, negotiation, progressive discipline and other topics essential for new supervisors or those wanting to refresh their skills. The series is offered each semester. There is a minimal fee for materials.

Administrative Support Professionals Series (ASPS)

The Administrative Support Professionals Series (ASPS) is a yearlong training program designed to enable support staff to develop competencies essential for success in their roles and to develop a network of colleagues throughout the campus. Workshops utilize interactive training methods such as case studies, role-plays, group exercises and classroom instruction. Program requirements include 12 workshops, a business writing improvement session, and the opportunity to enroll in one or two UITS computer workshops at a reduced rate. There is a minimal fee for materials.

Legal Compliance Series

Pursuant to IU Personnel Policy 1.4 regarding Compliance Training, every supervisor and manager at IUPUI is responsible for knowing and keeping the university in compliance with state and federal laws effecting employment. The IUPUI Compliance Training program consists of two four-hour modules, covering the following topics: Fair Labor Standards Act, Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, Sexual Harassment, Family Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Workers Compensation.

Diversity Awareness and Managing Diversity

HRA Training and Organization Development offers workshops on diversity awareness, valuing diversity and managing diversity. Training objectives for diversity awareness and valuing diversity workshops include learning to celebrate our similarities and differences, recognize the misinformation learned about various groups, identify and heal from internalized oppression, interpret prejudicial jokes, remarks, and slurs, and create and maintain a workplace of mutual support, cooperation and inclusion. Managing diversity workshops focus on defining diversity and discussing the progression from affirmative action to valuing diversity to managing diversity. Managing diversity workshops also explore the individual, workgroup, and organizational competencies necessary for success in managing workplace diversity.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People®

The Franklin Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® Signature Program is an empowering three-day workshop adapted from Stephen Coveys best selling book. The 7 Habits outlined in this workshop will teach you to develop stronger relationships, communicate more effectively, become an influential leader, and handle everyday challenges and difficulties in a proactive and constructive manner.

HRA Training and Organization Development also offers a shorter 7 Habits Associate Program which can be offered in either three half-day sessions or one full-day format and provides an overview of the 7 Habits. There is a fee to cover materials and other costs.

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High ®

A crucial conversation is characterized by opposing opinions, strong emotions, and high stakes. We face the need to have such conversations all the time, yet often become stuck and fail to raise the issues and concerns that are most important to us. There can be serious consequences for not holding such conversations or not holding them well, including awkward or failing relationships, dysfunctional teams, and cost, quality and safety problems at work. This intensive program helps you identify the conversations that are keeping you from achieving the results you want, figure out where you are going wrong, fix it, and develop the skills and strategies to confidently engage in Crucial Conversations for improved relationships, team function, and business results. There is a fee to cover materials and other costs.

Leadership in Dynamic Organizations

Using as its theme the word "leadership, Leadership in Dynamic Organizations covers timely, practical topics for emerging and existing leaders, including: Leadership Overview; Employee Engagement; Accountability; Diversity; Ethical Decision-Making; Resource Allocation; Service; Human Relations; Innovation; and Process Improvement. The series is ideal for employees who have completed the FOS, Keys, or ASPS programs or similar professional development series and want to develop as leaders in the institution. It is also available for IUPUI undergraduate students who have completed at least one introductory course in Organizational Leadership and Supervision. Program components include meeting with leaders of the IUPUI administration, including the Chancellor, to discuss the challenges of leading and directing the institution, engaging in interactive classroom activities related to the topics covered, and developing a project that has practical application to the work participants perform in their roles as staff on campus. The series is offered each spring semester. There is a minimal fee for materials.

Train the Trainer

The Train-the-Trainer workshop is designed to provide staff members and others with knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary to design, deliver, and evaluate training programs in the workplace. Effective training methods will be introduced, modeled, and reinforced through direct practice in a safe, non-threatening environment. This workshop is especially designed to assist in the personal and professional development of staff members who are interested in increasing their effectiveness as leaders and subject-matter-experts.

Achieving Effectiveness Through Negotiation Series

This series will cover the basics of developing an effective, practical, and efficient approach to negotiating. It will provide hands-on practice in negotiating some common, everyday situations to build your confidence in negotiating with others to overcome resistance, foster cooperation, and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. This full-day program is divided into four sections: (1) Overview of the Negotiation Process; (2) Interest-based Negotiation in Practice; (3) Overcoming Barriers to Interest-based Negotiation; and (4) Putting it all Together: Structuring Better Deals.

Sep 30 2014

About Training and Organization Development

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Performance Management Guide

Performance Management is a critical component of employee/employer interaction. This guide offers the tools and directions needed to make that experience productive and rewarding for both sides. Access the guide here.