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Indiana University has enhanced its Employee Self-Service options to include making personal changes normal directly through. Within OneStart, click on the main Services tab, and then click 'Employee Center' on the left panel. All employees are encouraged to review their personal information to ensure its accuracy and make any changes or updates as necessary.

One Start Self Service options include:

    Preferred Name
    Home Address
    Preferred and IU Office Phone
    E-Mail Addresses
    Emergency Contacts
    Military Status

Different steps are needed for the following:

Change of IU Office Address:
If you need to change your IU Office Address, contact the HRMS eDoc initiator in your department who will then submit a Maintain Person eDoc on your behalf. An eDoc iniator can click here for further instruction.

Primary Name Change:
To change your primary name, please complete the Change Form, Personal Data and provide documentation of the new name to your campus HR Office via fax, e-mail attachment, or campus mail.

For Former Employees:
If you are a former employee that needs to provide updated information such as mailing address, please complete the Change Form, Personal Data and send via fax, e-mail attachment, or postal mail to your former campus HR Office.